Shades of "X"





This is one of a series of experimental furniture projects using aluminum sheet produced Kikukawa Kogyo Co., Ltd., who is a metal architecture expert in Japan, and they have worked on the facade metal works for many famous architects around the world.

The flowing expression on the surface created by forming the aluminum sheet into a three-dimensionally curved surface looks truly beautiful and calm. We designed a lounge chair that can withstand a weight of up to 100 kg by stacking a minimum number of thin aluminum sheets that maintain this beauty and calm.
This lounge chair is made of three thin aluminum sheets parts, and the seat surface and the second piece below it are made by three-dimensionally forming of 4 mm thickness, and the third leg is 4 mm thick and 10 mm thick formed into a quadric surface and welded. Further, a hole is made in the second piece under the seat, the legs are penetrated, and the seat surface and the legs are bolted each other. The seat surface and the second piece under it are welded only under the armrests on the left and right ends, but the second piece and the legs are not welded. By doing so, the seat surface and legs can be attached and detached repeatedly, and the structure becomes stable as a whole while following the load applied when a person sits.

Shades of Michelangelo
Shades of Brunelleschi


■ Chair
material: aluminum
manufacture: Kikukawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
design year: 2020.04-2021.03
*This project is supported by Kuwasawa Design School Research grant 2020.