This was a competition to design a new headquarters for a Japanese firm company in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. The design was for a three-story building with a total floor area of 9,000 m2.
The program includes an entrance hall, cafe, employee cafeteria, employee gym, large conference room with a capacity of 500 people, warehouse, and subsidiary offices on the first floor. On the second floor there is an office where 500 people work, a reception room, and a library. The third floor contains employee dormitories, a machine room, and a warehouse.

In a typical office building plan, three levels of space are connected by internal stairs and elevators. A feature of this proposal is the introduction of a courtyard terrace (external) between the second and third floors. This courtyard terrace brings ample natural light into the deep office space and also functions as a refreshment area for employees. The courtyard terrace can also be used as a space for various events, and the stairs leading up to the third floor will serve as seating for the audience. The third floor has a sky plaza that is larger than the courtyard on the second floor, so it is possible to hold a variety of events on both the second and third floors. Additionally, since there is a private space called the employee dormitory on the third floor, the courtyard terrace and sky plaza will function effectively as an intervening space that separates public and private life.


■ Office building
design year: 2023.01-2023.03