A stacking chair design aimed at mass production for the interior space of a facility.

Due to the important function of stacking chairs, there are various restrictions on the design. Since a large number of simply functional stacking chairs have been designed so far, it is important to have "beautiful and fun, whether alone or in a stacked state." It is also a review of the fundamental issue of being a chair.

Chairs are not always seated by people. Most of the time it's a chair with no people sitting. Even at that time, a chair that makes you feel the presence of people in the space. It's not a direct sign of a person, but an abstractly anthropomorphic chair or a chair that is like a living thing.
Cutting off the extra elements of the chair to the last minute eventually made the chair a four-legged creature. By opening the two front legs, it looks like an abstract creature like a human being, but it is surprisingly difficult to support the front legs on the seat surface at one point, and the legs and seat surface are made of 1.6 mm thick steel. We decided to make it with a steel pipe.
When welded integrally, the structure is stable, and even thinner steel can be used, making it easy to manufacture, but in order to make the legs, seat, and backrest different colors, each has this thickness and is separate. It had to be made of parts, powder coated, and then fixed with bolts. The back ring is made of solid steel because of its shape.

For the purpose of long-term use, the seat surface is made replaceable by fastening plywood from the back surface with screws.

material: 21mm square steel pipe (powder coating paint), plywood (seat surface)